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Modular Extensions Hollins Lane

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Modular extensions Hollins Lane are ideal for schools, churches or businesses that have run out of space but lack the funds to add a wing to a building or do other reconstruction. Modular extensions are also excellent options in situations where additional space is needed on a temporary basis. The modular extension companies in our database provide top quality, highly sustainable and aesthetically pleasing products for Hollins Lane customers.
The modular extensions are durable and easily withstand poor weather. They come in a variety of sizes and can be one level or multiple levels based on the customer's preference. The units are secure and equipped with anti-vandalism features. They can also include flushing toilets and sinks for hand washing. The modular units, constructed to customer specifications can be ready for use very quickly. They are ideal in crowded inner city areas where space is limited. It is even possible to add Hollins Lane modular extensions to residential homes. The professionals in our network can closely match a home's design or build an extension that compliments the architecture of the home.
Modular vs. Prefabricated Extensions While there are some who use the terms "modular" and "prefabricated" interchangeably, there are a few significant differences worth noting. The main difference comes in terms of quality and longevity. While a prefabricated extension is crafted from the same materials as any other extension, a modular extension is lighter and less durable. In fact, itís often recommended for home and business owners who need additional space on a temporary basis. Modular extensions often cost less than their prefabricated counterparts for this very reason. Whatís more, while modular extensions come in predetermined sizes and styles, they are often designed to be fit together at the factory. This means that itís easy to add several modular extensions, whether at the same time or later down the line.
Hollins Lane modular extension costsHollins Lane Modular Extension Costs: Prices can vary greatly depending on the number of stories and the size of the extension. The location of the project as well as the timeframe in which it must be completed are also factors that will impact the final cost. A modular extension is still less costly than the construction of another wing on a building, yet it offers a wide variety of options.
Durability and Longevity If you opt for modular extensions, keep in mind that they are often prefabricated and ready to drop into place once they arrive. They come in standard sizes with standard materials. Though the additions are designed to resist weather and remain durable even in high winds, they are not as durable as additions built on-site. However, if you need to add space to your home or office and you're on a very limited budget, this is often the most cost-effective way to go about getting some extra room.
Adding a Modular Extension to a Mobile Home When it comes to adding extensions to mobile homes, it's important to think about the amount of money you invest. Most of the time, adding extensions to mobile homes doesnít net a profit, which means you should only consider it if you truly need the space. In that case, a modular extension is often the most cost-effective route, and it's the simplest, as well. These extensions are lightweight and easy to maneuver, which makes them perfect for this application. Modular extensions can be added to any type of home, whether mobile, modular, prefab, brick, or stone.

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Your Hollins Lane modular extension questions answered
  • Is it easy to add an extension onto an existing modular home? Yes, and the number and types of extensions you can add are just as diverse as they would be for any other type of home.
  • Will adding an extension onto my modular home violate homeowner association rules? Each association is different, so you should check with your board of directors in order to find out.
  • Should I hire a contractor to complete my modular extensions? Yes. Modular extensions are rooms that are fully built and ready to drop into place. They require, at the very least, a team of contractors who are capable of handling heavy lifting equipment to pick up and move the modular extension.
  • How much do modular extensions cost? Single story modular extensions are actually fairly affordable, coming in at about £15,000. Taller extensions, two story or higher, begin to cost significantly more, costing up to £85,000. Multi story modular extensions are usually assembled one floor at a time.
  • Can I have Hollins Lane modular extensions custom designed? Modular extensions come in standard sizes, so you may not change the length, width, or height. You can however change interior features to suit your individual needs.
  • Can I change the exterior of a modular extension? This depends primarily on your contractor and the manufacturer that supplies the extension. For example, some extensions may allow for masonry and brickwork once they've been put into place, but others may not. Most modular extensions are designed for use with vinyl siding.
  • Can I choose window and door size or placement? Windows and doors are important parts of any room, but when it comes to modular additions, these are all predetermined. You will likely need to choose from styles and sizes available rather than choose your own placement.
  • Is this the best choice for a modular home? If you have a modular home, you may feel that a modular extension is the right choice. However, it's possible to use prefab and traditional extensions built on-site for your modular home, too. You'll need to carefully weigh the pros and cons, including longevity, durability, features, and costs to make this decision.
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